Sunday, April 23, 2006

Something of which we all should be aware:

Last week, I received an update from my friend Tommy Mayfield, on an important movement that is currently taking shape. A movement to free the Invisible Children.

I'm posting his email, and I'll ask that you read it, click the link to see the preview of the project, and consider how you might be able to lower your shoulder in support of this good and necessary work.


Check this out and please consider being a part of this event. It's happening in cities all over the country. The guys who filmed Invisible Children are friends with my friend Jessica who works here at IJM. I've had the privilege of hanging out with them on several occasions. They believe they can change the world. With our help, they can. I know that sounds melodramatic, but I believe it's true.

We can wonder what we would have done or who we would have been if we had lived during American slavery, or the Holocaust, or the Civil Rights Era. Those questions, while provocative, are not the most important questions. The questions that really matter are what will we do and who will we be today as we learn about the horrific injustice taking place throughout our world?

I hope history tells the story of a generation of young Americans who at the turn of the 21st century decided to use the time, talent, education, wealth and influence they've been afforded by their Maker to do more than attain a comfortable suburban existence. I hope history tells the story of generation who were intentional about changing the world, about battling poverty and injustice in whatever ways they could. I'm inviting you to think hard about the part you are called to play and then to seek out the courage to play it.

Thanks for listening. Feel free to forward this on to others who might be interested.




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